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Ray White Landlord Academy Series 2020

Now in its fifth year, the Ray White Rent Event has become a significant part of our annual property management calendar and although the live component has now finished, landlords and investors can enjoy all the free resources and content that were provided – simply scroll below!

The 2020 event took on its new form as the online Landlord Academy Series, designed to upskill all New Zealand landlords through a series of free weekly online sessions hosted every Thursday evening throughout November – and you can watch each of these four live sessions below!

What’s It All About?

The Landlord Academy Series is about one thing and one thing only – free education and support for all New Zealand landlords, whether you’re an existing client of ours or not.

Over the next six months, landlords will face some of the biggest reforms of the rental industry they have ever seen. There will be almost 100 new rules and requirements implemented to the Residential Tenancies Act – all of which will have a big impact on a landlord’s responsibilities and the way they must operate.

Are you ready for the biggest changes we’ve ever seen?
Are you prepared?
The Landlord Academy Series is here to help!

Why Should Landlords Register?

Although registrations to our live online event are now closed, you can watch each of the four sessions below and request all of the many free resources we created through your local Ray White property management office.

As landlords’ legislative requirements continue to increase so does the risk of the increasing fines that are possible, however, the solution is easy… Your first step is through education and understanding and that’s where we are here to help.

Across New Zealand we manage more than 19,000 properties with an asset value of over $12 billion – it’s our job to know what’s coming and to help prepare our landlords for change.

The way we see it, if we can help provide free education and tools to help landlords manage this change, then not only is your risk removed but your tenants also see better outcomes themselves – it’s a win-win for everyone!

Academy Series Content Overview

The Landlord Academy Series is presented by Zac Snelling, our New Zealand Head of Property Management, alongside a unique VIP guest each week with specific experience in the residential tenancy space.

The series can educate landlords not only on their current legislation requirements, but also two of the biggest changes that are on their way, being the upcoming Healthy Homes Standards and the hugely significant RTA Amendments Act 2020.

With each of the four live sessions lasting for approximately 45 minutes (including Q&A), the series is designed to provide easy, bite-sized pieces of education to help landlords understand everything you need to know, and point you in the direction to find out more.

Part 1
Introduction to Tenancy Management in 2020 and Beyond

Special guest: Peter Wolfkamp – ‘The Resident Builder’ Newstalk ZB

In this opening session, we provide a broad overview to help both landlords and their tenants achieve better tenancy outcomes. In particular, we highlight existing compliance requirements, how to manage these, and the risks associated if you’re not ticking the right boxes

  • Future compliance deadlines – what’s coming & how you can prepare
  • What are the new rules already in place affecting rent increases?
  • The importance of the first step – selecting the right property
  • Getting an investment property ‘rent-ready’ to remove your risk
  • Tools and steps to help you easily manage today’s compliance requirements
  • Tenant inductions and getting the foundations right for a harmonious tenancy

Part 2
Healthy Homes Standards 

Special guest: Joanne Rae – Real Estate Institute of New Zealand

The second part of our series delves a little deeper into the upcoming legislation and in particular, the Healthy Homes Standards. We clearly outline what’s required and the manageable steps you can take to help get your property sorted.

  • Healthy Homes standards and how to get your rental property ready
  • Advice on how to easily manage the work that may be required
    What are the exemptions to the rules, will I qualify?
  • The reality of compliance – it’s not as hard as you may think!
  • Are there options available to help cover any possible compliance costs?
  • The key considerations when looking at a new investment property

Part 3
The RTA Amendments Act 2020

Special guest: Craeg Williams – Director – Tenancy Practice Services

The third part of our series dives into the RTA Amendments Act 2020, explaining how this will affect landlords when the majority of its components take effect in February 2021.
There are significant changes on their way for landlords, including new rules around minor alterations, termination notices, rent increases, lease assignments, increased financial penalties, and more.

  • What is the RTA Amendments Act 2020 and what it will mean for you
  • The reality of what’s coming – it’s not as bad as some commentators may suggest!
  • How you can manage the new layers of work involved with each change
  • How the Act changes the responsibilities of both landlords and tenants
  • The consequences associated with non-compliance or minor breaches
  • Will the RTA Amendments Act 2020 impact the tenancy market?

Part 4
The Future of Property Investment

Special guest: Brian Greer – CEO – Loan Market New Zealand

The fourth and final part of our series takes a deeper look at the financial side of property investment, and the real virtues that remain in this space.

There has never been a better time to grow a rental portfolio, however, some investors still make the same common mistakes which this session is designed to help prevent.

  • The importance of debt structures, interest only vs principal & interest
  • Interest rates – where are they now and where are they heading
  • Long term trends and benefits using property as an investment tool
  • The financial process for turning your own home into an investment property
  • How to get into property investment if you don’t believe it’s currently possible
  • How to find out what investment goals may be achievable for you

If you have any questions on the content above or would like to access your free resources, we recommend you contact our local Ray White Kerikeri property management office.

Each of the four educational sessions highlight a number of resources available for landlords, and you can request these at any time from your local Ray White property manager. These free resources include:

  • Landlord Compliance Checklist
  • Healthy Homes Standards Checklist
  • Individual Healthy Homes Standards Guidance Documents
  • RTA Amendment Act 2020 Quick Guide
  • RTA Amendment Act 2020 Comprehensive Q&A Document
  • More!

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